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Addicting Weaver Builds Interactive and Responsive Websites That Get People Addicted

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01. Company History

Addicting Weaver started in 2016; however, the team has had over 10 years experience providing website design and seo services to business owners.

02. Company Profile

Addicting Weaver was started by Luke who serves as CEO. All though some of the team that works with Luke is located in Ontario, majority of the team that works for Addicting Weaver resides in other countries around the world.

03. Company Aim

It is Addicting Weavers aim to be an industry leader, providing affordable and effective services to aid business owners, and to continue to innovate.

Addicting Weaver’s Web Design & SEO Services Are For Businesses and Start-ups

Addicting Weaver provides services from website design and SEO services to businesses and start-ups. Addicting Weaver has been rated #1 indirectly by a competitor for creating high-quality and low bounce rate website designs. Addicting Weaver’s services are effective and affordable.