About Addicting Weaver

Addicting Weaver prides itself on providing innovative and high-quality design alongside our basic website design service. With top notch designs and highest efficency design process, our designs are top-tier and lower cost.

Addicting Weaver is a Killer Website Design and SEO Agency in The Greater Toronto Area

Why We Call Ourselves Addicting Weavers

You may have wondered, why Addicting Weaver? Well, three reasons. Because we are addicted to our work; because of the quality of the websites we create, for ourselves and for customers; finally, the last reasons why we are called an Addicting Weaver, is because of the lightning fast speed of development and cost-effectiveness of our services, which gets our customers addicted, bringing them back for more.

We are addicted and love website design, and talking to people, maybe we can chat a bit about your current web design ideas.

Addicting Weaver´s Creativity and Craftsmanship Goes Unmatched

Addicting Weaver Creates Low Bounce-rate Website Designs That Load Lightning Fast.

Ranked #1 By Our Competition

We Look Good to Google and Businesses

Our website designs have been rated unbelievably good and beyond excellent by competitors in terms of performance and user experience. In fact, in a case study of over 50 web design companies and designers, our web designs ranked #1 by a competing company.

Addicting Weaver's website designs looks good to google and businesses

Addicting Weaver Specializes in Addicting yet Affordable Website Design and SEO Services in The Greater Toronto Area

Our Advantage is Your Advantage

Benefit From The Addicting Weaver Advantage

We have developed extensive libraries of styling code files called cascading style sheets (CSS), which are used in all our development projects. Our libraries consist of three categories of CSS files called “Brilliance”, “Addiction”, and “Dream”. By using our Brilliance, Addiction, and Dream files, we are able to build websites lightning fast, which is the other reason why various website design services are lower than most.

Because of our Brilliance, Addiction, and Dream files, you have to spend less money to create a memorable website design, and get more business. That means you can get more traffic and ROI on your website design purchase sooner.

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Addicting Weaver´s Cutting-Edge Services are For Entrepreneurs and Business Owners

Addicting Weaver is a Creative and Technology Driven Website Design and SEO Agency

Addicting Weaver Has An Unfair Advantage

Why Our Technology Driven Web Design Agency

Addicting Weaver has develops high-grade, high-quality, addicting, and affordable custom websites "lightning fast"; and provides affordable premium quality SEO; while still maximizing value. This advantage is beneficial to both companies and Addicting Weaver alike, as the average website design we produce and seo campaign we engage in, performs better than the average web agency service, is low cost, and makes increases in revenue occur sooner.

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