the cheap toronto seo advantage

The SEO Advantage

Unlike other marketing avenues, SEO puts your company and it's products/service in front of customers when they need them.

With The SEO Advantage, You...

  • Only Pay for targeted traffic
  • Get the highest percentage of conversions
  • Maximize return on investment

  • Most People Use Google To Find Businesses

    SEO Campaigns...

    That makes you look good to search engines!

    We do SEO that search engines love, like creating high-quality content for the web, low bounce rate web pages, and lightning fast websites. Our team has helped over 100 companies improve traffic to their website, and we can help you too.

    Addicting Weaver Can Take Your Website To New Heights!

    We create content Google loves at first sight

    Search Engine Optimization

    Why SEO is the marketing tool you need to add to your arsenal...

    In the ever growing world of the technology, people are turning to the internet to get a hold of businesses when they have a problem and need a resolution. If users don't have a way to find your website, we can help. Our SEO services packages are geared toward small and medium size businesses. We can get you started, or continue a previous compaign, at low cost, on a monthly basis.

    On-Page SEO

    Opimizing Webpages For Google

    SEO Content Writing

    Adding On SEO Content To Boost Rankings

    Off-Page SEO

    Greatest Impact On Webpage Rankings

    You Need to Rely On Future Long Term Customer Streams

    Addicting Weaver’s SEO Revitalizes

    Cheap SEO can bring new life (and customers) to your business with the benefit of a high return on investment. The best time to invest in an ongoing SEO campaign is when business is booming or plateaued. Relying on a current customer base may work well in the short term, but in order to ensure revenue doesn’t dwindle, you must rely on future customers. This can only be achieved by growing your incoming revenue/customer streams. Investing in SEO right now, can provide security for your company for the long term. The great things about getting into a good position in the SERPS, is not just the increasing amount of new and returning customers you get from website, but also your web history shows that you made it that far and it will be easier to get back to that position if you ever lose ranking.

    Addicting Weaver's SEO Services Can Revitalize Your Business - It's Also The Ultimate Addiction

    Addicting Weaver Offers Cheap local SEO Services

    About Our Affordable SEO Services

    First of all, what is cheap SEO? By cheap SEO, we mean “affordable SEO” not low quality SEO. We believe in “quality-based backlinks” on a factory level of production. What this means is Addicting Weaver gets you high-quality backlinks, and a lot of them for the dollars you spend.

    This approach has been tried and proven, time and time again, to be the best approach that effectively and efficiently, getting to rank 1 in Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

    Addicting Weaver's SEO Services Help Your Website Perform Exceptionally Well in Search Engines

    We Want To Help You Succeed

    We love all people, as such, We love all businesses and want to see your company win and make more money. We should do business together, how about a quick chat about your current SEO rankings and business plans?

    Like we said, Addicting Weaver wants to see your company win and make more money. And since we provide cheap local SEO, we can do both.

    More about Addicting Weaver can be learned on the about us page.

    Addicting Weaver Specializes in YourBusiness pleasures First And Foremost

    We Offer White Hat SEO Services

    Another thing we believe in is a no SEO BS approach. We don’t subscribe to SEO BS or Black Hat SEO. We use tried and tested approaches that yield great results. We also don’t make guesses about the future, that have no basis on current working and not working white hat SEO methods.

    We aren’t the cheapest of the cheap SEO companies. But we are the experts and affordable, and it's recommended you hire us.

    White Hat SEO

    Boosts Ranking - Has No Drawbacks

    Gray Hat SEO

    Boosts Ranking - May Have Future Drawbacks

    Black Hat SEO

    Temporary Boost - Website Will Be Punished

    Addicting Weaver Doesn't Require You To Commit To Months on End

    No Monthly Contracts

    You can hire us monthly basis. We don't use contracts that do little for you. You can hire us for one month, and then another month later on, or month by month, 6 months at a time, part-time or full-time. Totally up to you. We are local SEO experts specializing in your business pleasures, first and foremost. Money just allows us to do what we love. Which is the work we do for customers.

    Addicting Weaver's Team Has Gotten Over 100 Websites To Rank #1 Position in Google

    Why Addicting Weaver

    With over 200 flags to consider when ranking your website, Google has it’s work cut out. For you SEO campaign, you need the best team offering cheap seo in Toronto. It’s important you consider companies that offer SEO services that have proven methods of getting top ranking positions in Google and competing search engines. Addicting Weaver’s team has had experience getting over 100 websites to rank #1 position with over 4500 pages in total performing in the top 10 positions (mostly rank #1-3). Our seo services are affordable and effective.

    Don't Pay For Overpriced SEO Services - Choose Addicting Weaver

    SEO That Counts

    What counts is the SEO strategy and the hours you paying for, and that you actually get new customers from your website. The former is why Addicting Weaver is the #1 choice for business in The Greater Toronto Area, and the later is our #1 priority. Too many fall through the cracks because they pay for overpriced SEO and don’t get the effort needed to get new customers to their website. We are not like your typical Toronto SEO company. We offer cheap seo in Toronto for businesses and individuals who want to rank well in their local market and get new customers through their websites. To benefit the most from your website, you need to choose Addicting Weaver for your SEO campaign.


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