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A common task for businesses, is website design. This involves planning, preparation, and development of a marketing strategy for the company website. Many fail short of the rewarding experience that the company website can provide to its visitors, mostly because all though most are capable of moderately good website design, only few are capable of high-grade and addicting website design.

Addicting Weaver Has An Unfair Advantage

Addicting Weaver has developed high-grade strategy for building high-quality quick-and-dirty websites, and cutting-edge interactive and addicting websites “lightning fast”, which allows Addicting Weaver to charge low amounts of money, yet still maximizing value for the client. This strategy involves three catagories of css files called Brilliance, Addiction, and Dream; which all three applied to each scenario; gives Addicting Weaver an unfair advantage. This advantage is beneficial to both companies and Addicting Weaver alike, as the average website design we produce, performs better than the average website, is low cost, and makes Addicting Weaver build sites lightning fast.

Conditions of Addicting Weaver’s Low-Cost Website Design Service

Addicting Weaver is not your typical website design company. All though Addicting Weaver accepts input concerning important factors on how the website design appears, Addicting Weaver takes 85% control of the project. This is a condition of our low-cost website design service. The other 15% of the project that companies have control over concern the company colours to use for the theme of the website, content, and pages to include. Other than that, Addicting Weaver has full control. If you would like more control over the website design process, or would like to use a premade template, you will have to pay a premium for the extended web design and web development process.

Some Web Designers Aren't Prepared

Some website developer have little preparation for the average business client other than how the client prepares the developer, and the web developers skill experience. I on the other hand, am prepared for the average website design project.

Web designers need to meet the needs of the client, but be careful not to confuse the needs of the client with the wants of the client. Yes the website should be cosmetically pleasing to the client, but most importantly, it needs to fulfil the desires of the user and be pleasing to those users. Who should you be more interested in pleasing? The desire’s of the client that may be based off of whims (like making their site look like another website? Or the desires of the majority of users that visit the website and would eventually pay the client? It’s important to diffuse the two and figure out what is most important to the client, and build to that with goal clarity.

Designing A Website Can Be A Double-Edged Sword

Designing a website can be a double-edged sword If the web designer isn’t an expert at designing and developing addicting websites that convert. If he isn’t a professional and doesn’t takes the lead of the project away from inexperienced clients, the project can hurt the client’s company, and the designer, in the short term and also long term.

A working plan for the average website is a must, but eventually the web developer gains experience developing average websites, he or she will run into an exception forcing him to rely on outside knowledge from either the client, from a colleague, or Internet. This is when the web developer must adapt and learn quickly. However, a solid foundation of design principles and framework will do wonders, not just for the web developer, but for the clients budget and ROI as well.

More About Myself, My Business, and My Web Design Services

Addicting Weaver is headquartered in Durham Region, Ontario, but we also hire developers from some of the most renown countries in the world, in terms of developer skill level. Our web designers have designed over 125 websites since I began web design. Myself and my developers have up to 8 years experience coding and have developed, and maintained, over 1,000 websites. We have extensive knowledge with HTML, CSS, PHP, and MySQL. We also have experience with JS, JQuery, AJAX, and BOOTSTRAP.

From initial contact, right through to completion, we will work with you to get your web design done right. The price doesn’t change except for in extreme cases. We will design the site, build it, test it, and maintain it.

When we are finished, we can discuss future plans for your web design; such as, future expansion of the website for things such as SEO and business development, and maintenance.

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